How long does it take to Sell a House in Bundaberg?

Do I need a Solicitor to Sell my House in Bundaberg?

Do I need a Solicitor to Sell my House in Bundaberg? - So basically, as your agent, we handle all of the marketing and negotiation process. A solicitor takes over after the property has gone under contract. The Solicitor or conveyancer is essential to the process. Conveyancing refers to the legal work involved in drawing up your contract for sale and mortgage and overseeing the settlement of your property.It's up to you who you choose, but this is undertaken by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. Some owners also choose to do their own conveyancing. Your Bundaberg solicitor will also provide legal advice to take you through the process of selling your home in Bundaberg.Your licensed conveyancer or legal representative in Bundaberg will undertake the conveyancing process, which can include:

  • managing the exchange of contract for sale and attending settlement
  • calculating utility and tax obligations at settlement
  • conducting property and title searches to check legal ownership of the property
  • examining the contract for sale and advising on the conditions
  • examining mortgage agreements between the buyers
  • overseeing the transfer of title on the property for your settlement in Bundaberg

It's also good to note, that Licensed conveyancers and solicitors are required to have professional indemnity insurance, which covers you in the event they make a mistake. Other than checking your prospective legal representative’s qualifications and credentials, you should consider their fee structure and just how hands-on they will be in the process.

Bundaberg law firms all have different prices, its usually best to shop call around and see which price most appeals to you.

Here's a 4 links below to some of Bundaberg's most popular local solicitors who handle real estate sales:


Selling your home in Bundaberg

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